The lubricant division started in the early nineties with the purpose of offering a wider range of energy products to the clients. Since then, a long process of training on lubrication has been carried out by involving all marketing and sales departments. This training is still pursuing with constant updating to support the sales in all the business area such as industry, light and heavy transport, motorbikes, naval, agriculture.
This has allowed to sign important commercial agreements with the manufacturing company of lubricant products such as: AGIP, ENI, FIAT SELENIA, CASTROL, REPSOL, BP, TOTAL, SHELL, IP.
The aim of our partnership is to ensure to our client a wide range of products of the most influential brands, a fast and accurate service and a satisfactory economic profit. We deem to have built a solid relation with our client and to have gained a lasting trust from them thanks to our way of dealing with them in the last 30 years.

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